Joel Smith
Graphic Design & Art Direction
I’m a graphic designer, hailing from Merseyside and educated in Leeds. I’m currently working at Moving Brands.

Design and Creative Direction
Completed at Design by S-T

Illustrations by Thomas Hedger 

Design and creative direction of a new supplement to the Royal Academy Magazine, handling the job from brief to delivery. The supplement features a cut-short cover and is printed in a single colour that changes each issue.

Beak Brewery
Identity & Packaging 
Created at Design by S-T

Beak Brewery is a microbrewery creating batches of 250 bottles at a time. The perception of flavour can be represented with shape and colour. A noteable case is Cadbury’s Dairy Milk recent change to a more rouned shape, sparking complaints that the recipe had become sweeter despite not changing.

By creating a shape spectrum that represents flavour, each batch of beer has a shape as unique as it’s flavour profile.

Cambridge Alumni Magazine
Art Direction
Completed at Design by S-T for YBM
Photography by Sam Armstrong

The Library tower at Cambridge University is said to house the University's collection of pornographic literature.

This feature ran to debunk this long-held myth, instead focusing on what the tower really housed. Erotic backdrops and knowing page selections meanwhile alluded to the mis-conception. 

Identity, naming and packaging design
Completed whilst at University of Leeds.

Stack is a modular furniture system consisting of 3 basic modules. These can be arranged - and rearranged to offer a range of furniture solutions.

AC London
Self Intitated 

Creative proposal to AC London, a football club formed in the aftermath of the London Riots.